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What's Your Story? Everybody's Got One.

History (his story) is peppered with accounts of ordinary men and women living their lives. But only through the eyes, ears, brains, tongues and pens of observers did those events survive the terror of time to reach you here and now.

The “observer” is the only difference between Martin Luther King Jr.’s bus boycott and your Herculean effort to start and run your business. Dr. King had the press watching.  Who’s in your corner?

Like Dr. King, Dr. Dre and Dr. Phil, you need someone standing behind you documenting your history.

That’s what we do at eMotion Web Video. We witness. We record. We tell your story. We put you in your rightful place in that great sweep and stretch of history ---- in full color and motion.

And we know how to capture tone, mood and feeling. We create emotional videos that will live in the heads and hearts of your customers.

Let us create short videos for your website that show your business, your products and services, your people and customers. They’re affordable, lasting, informative and engaging.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the two-minute video we create for you will be priceless to potential customers wondering who you are and what you offer.

Enough words. We’re in the showing business. Browse our work samples and give us a call to discover how affordable your place in history can be.