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eMotion Web Video

Our foundation
eMotion Web Video produces high-quality cost-effective video messaging
for product and service promotion, education, and training on your website,
in email blasts, for in-house projection and for broadcast.

Our Approach
Nobody knows your business better than you. We capture and channel
your knowledge and passion into powerful communication tools. As
communicators, we have years of experience and expertise developing
effective messaging, an ear for heartfelt testimony and an eye for
sumptuous imagery. As journalists, we know how to structure questions to
get the right answers. As educators, we coach you to get your best, most
authentic commentary. As filmmakers, we guide you through the
production process from concept creation to posting on a variety of
display platforms.

Our Quality
We combine the science of industry-standard video production with the art
of journalistic story-telling to create engaging targeted messaging. We use
high-definition 1080p Canon cameras, Ziess lenses, Sennhieser audio
equipment, Arri and KinoFlo lighting, Sachtler, Manfrotto and RedRock
supports, Kessler Crane and slider, and Marshall on-location monitors
to capture the very best image and audio. For the discerning big screen
client, we also offer the latest in ultra high-definition video production
with Red One and Red Scarlet 4K video cameras.

Our Products

    Professional Profiles
    Professional profiles are short two-minute videos that present the human heart of who you are and why you love what you do. Captured in your office, these videos typically populate your "About Us" page or your "Meet Our Team" page, and can work with your existing text-based bio.

    Business Profiles
    Think of the Business Profile as a virtual tour of your business with a look at your key product and service offerings. Shot in your office, plant or shop, this overarching video first introduces clients to you and your business.

    Video testimonials are heartfelt unscripted commentaries from your best clients about your business. You choose them, and we ask targeted questions designed to prompt strong emotional responses, which give video testimonials the power of authenticity.

    Corporate Success Stories
    These long-form videos, usually five minutes or longer, tell the story of your company's success. For example, that might be your growth from an individual practice to a multi-doctor group or a narrative about how your specialized focus is changing healthcare.